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Innocent Inspires

22 Aug

So, this is a totally late post (sorry!) but I went to an awesome event last week run by Innocent – the drinks company.


I had such a great time, hearing from people at the top of the foodie industry. It was so inspiring to hear stories such as Ollie Dabbous, who has become one of the youngest michlelin starred chefs. It was great to hear so many stories of ordinary people achieving their dream, especially as I’d love to open my own bakery one day (wishful thinking!)

Ollie Dabbous

Ollie Dabbous

We heard from others who have become leaders in Taste, that magical combination of not just food, but something else as well, something you can’t describe to create something magical.

Sam Bompas did just that, creating edible works of art form jelly, and even an edible explosion!



Were were provided with some tasty culinary creations, a favourite from Florence Knight of Polpetto, with a pepper and toffee ice cream, served with peaches.




One such culinary delight I did not partake in was the marmite bloody mary by Ms Marmite Lover… not really my taste! (But inventive nonetheless!)

Not for everybody's palette...

Not for everybody’s palette…

Another talk I found interesting was from Emilie Baltz, who talked of using sensory triggers to eke out the taste of foods, and I enjoyed her quirky take on food and taste combinations.

Fig and vanilla

Fig and vanilla


All in all it was a fantastic evening with some brilliant speakers and of course some great food (which is obviously never enough!) and I can’t thank Innocent enough for hosting. I will definitely be going to their next session on Creativity, which looks to be another corker!


Cookie Monster Cake

7 Aug

C is for cookie… and also for cake! Last weekend I made a wonderfully fun cookie monster cake for a birthday. It was my first time making it and im so pleased with how it came out!



It was a chocolate sponge cake, with vanilla and cookie buttercream in the centre and iced with cookie monster blue vanilla buttercream! I made the eyes and mouth out of chocolate and the cookies out of cookies! What do you think?


All boxed up and ready to go



I hope the birthday girl enjoyed her cake as it travelled from Finchley to Clapham as a surprise! Get in touch if you’d like this cake for your celebration.

I leave you with the inspiration for this cake…

C is for cookie…. and cookie is for ME!