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Minion Birthday Cake

27 May

I realise that it has been an absolute AGE since I have posted a new recipe for you guys, and i’m so sorry!

The reason: I’m on a healthy kick so its out with the junk and in with the greens… But I do have a DESPICABLE post for you today… a Minion birthday cake! If you’re familiar with the amazing animated film Despicable Me, you’ll know that these little characters are the best bit about film.

So here you go…. and dont forget to say BANANA as you take a bite!

Minion Cake

Minion Cake

It’s a pretty good likeness I think!


I made this cake entirely out of buttercream as the birthday boy and I both have a dislike of fondant. And it cuts so well…


Luckily the birthday boy loved it…. I hope you do too!