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Chocolate Vanilla Ombre Cake

3 Nov

Classic flavours, modern twist. Bloody delicious. Three phrases that pretty much sum up the 3 tiered baby shower monstrosity of a cake I made for a work colleague!


IMG_1677 (1)


I made a vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream and a chocolate double cream ganache.

To assemble to cake, I sandwiched 3 sponge cakes together using the buttercream and a few dollops of ganache.

I then coated the cake in a white crumb coating and refrigerated for 30 mins.

Next, I separated the remaining vanilla buttercream into 3 bowls. 1 bowl I kept white, 1 bowl I added a small amount of blue to, and 1 bowl I added a LOT of blue colouring to!

I then worked my way from the bottom up, starting with the darker blue at the bottom, blending medium blue into the middle, and finishing off with the white buttercream.

I then coated the bottom of the cake in different shades of blue and purple sprinkles. Then I poured the cooled ganache over the top of the cake, and dusted it in glitter!

This took me a good 3 hours from start to finish, but it was worth it!


Newborn Baby Cupcakes

18 May

What could sweeten the arrival of a newborn baby more than a fresh batch of celebration cupcakes?!

I baked a dozen matching lemon and chocolate blue/brown themed cupcakes for a very special order! A lot of love and care was put into these, especially for the new parents!

Batch 1: 6 vanilla cupcakes with baby-boy-blue lemon buttercream

Batch 2: 6 chocaholic cupcakes with Cadburys buttercream and giant choc button

Finished off with a dusting of multi coloured glitter and a yellow or blue star!