Summer Sorbet

Lemon sorbet with frozen raspberries – enjoy the British summertime whilst it lasts with this deliciously easy summer sorbet! Ingredients: 400g caster sugar 700ml water 250ml lemon juice (6-8 lemons) 1 lemon, unwaxed, zested Method: Firstly, freeze a handful of raspberries before making the sorbet! Next, put the water and caster sugar in a pan … Continue reading Summer Sorbet

Superman Cupcakes

Sometimes in life you need to be a kid again… and celebrate with themed cupcakes! These Superman ones are extra fun and have the added bonus of having ring toppers so that guests get a small gift too! These were also ALL gluten free! Flavours were: Vanilla bean cupcakes and bite size brownie cupcakes with … Continue reading Superman Cupcakes

Passover Smores

I got this idea from Pinterest (which is my new fave site!) Passover is the Jewish holiday which celebrates the Jews leaving Egypt and slavery behind. This is the festival where matzah (a type of flat cracker/bread is consumed) and nothing leavened can be consumed as when fleeing, the Jews didn’t have time to allow their bread … Continue reading Passover Smores

Chocoholic Cake

If you’re a chocoholic like me then this cake is for you! not for the faint-hearted, this Nigella recipe with my own twist is decadent, filled with Nutella, and guaranteed to only last a few hours! It’s featured here, on the Groupon blog. Enjoy! Continue reading Chocoholic Cake