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Macaron Madness

1 Oct

In case you’ve been on another planet for the past few months, a new craze has taken the dessert world by storm! The new pastry du jour is none other than the humble French macaron, made famous by such big names as Pierre Herme, Laduree and have even been brought over the channel to the UK by chefs such as Edd Kimber.

My choco-caramel macarons!

The macaron, although unassuming is a daunting challenge! A mix of meringue and almonds make this dessert one tricky little sandwich!

I used a Pierre Herme recipe to make a box of macarons for my friend’s engagement party this weekend, and I can tell you now, they were difficult to make, the steps and timing are all precise, but I got there in the end!

Caramel chocolate macarons with a choc-caramel ganache and crushed salted chocolate

The inside view

Enjoying our macarons after all the hard work!

Get your hands on one whilst you can!


If you want to order these beauties please let me know by emailing me: headcakesnob@gmail.com

Healthy baking

24 Sep

Happy Monday CakeSnobs! Sorry I haven’t blogged much recently, but i’ve been on a bit of a healthy kick recently and haven’t been making many desserts and a fat free dessert is very disappointing ūüė¶

However I have had 2 successes – sugar free meringues and frozen yogurt.

Sugar free meringues:

I added sweetener to stiff egg whites to make these goodies. Best eaten on the day of baking as they go soft when stored in tupperware.

Frozen Yogurt

For this scoop of deliciousness, I added natural yogurt, vanilla yogurt and vanilla extract all mixed together into my ice cream machine and let it go for about half an hour. Without a machine, mix all ingredients together and freeze!

I have to say this is one of the yummiest things I have ever made – healthy or not! If you have any healthy dessert recommendations please let me know!

Wish me luck for this week as I am make french macarons as a present for my best friend’s engagement party, I’ll need it!¬†Cake you later…



Blogging my food journey

29 Mar

Every good food website should (in my opinion) have a food blog! So I will start to blog my way through my food journey here! As you know I love to bake, put my own spin on things and set myself new challenges!

So, here’s my “To Bake” list:

  • Cake Pops
  • Millionaire Shortbread
  • Monkey bread
  • Chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes
  • Macaroons (of the french not kosher variety!)
  • The perfect loaf of bread (without a breadmaker)
  • Oat and syrup scones

What else would you like to see me bake? I will be adding pictures and posts over the coming days…