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Diamond Cupcakes

5 Nov

Last month, my family and I celebrated my Grandparents’ Diamond wedding anniversary. That’s SIXTY years people. SIXTY! To celebrate, we held a tea dance, and I was privileged enough to be asked to bake some surprise cupcakes for the happy couple!

The celebration was really a double one, as I has just gotten engaged about 2 weeks before! So the diamonds were particularly apt!

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 22.50.11

IMG_1971 (1)

IMG_1825 (1)

I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, in silver foil cases, and dusted with silver glitter.

Congrats to the happy couple, I just hope my fiancé and I make it that long!

Brownies Galore!

15 Jan

I love being asked to make goodies for someone’s special day, and it means even more when I know that person… because I want more than anything to make something amazing! When a colleague of mine asked me for simple brownies and snacks for a post-wedding brunch, I knew I just couldn’t make something simple! I decided to do brownies… 4 ways!

I made:

  • Classic triple chunk brownies
  • Oreo Brownies
  • Salted Caramel brownies
  • Cookie dough brownies

Whew! I tried 4 different recipes as well as making the salted caramel and cookie dough from scratch of course! I also made my more-ish sweet n salty pretzel bites as well.

Oreo brownies

Oreo brownies

Cookie Dough brownies

Cookie Dough brownies

Just look at that thick topping!

Just look at that thick topping!

For the Classic triple chunk brownies and Oreo brownies I used my best brownie recipe – for the Oreo variation I left out the chocolate chips and instead pushed broken up oreos into the batter before baking.

For the Cookie Dough Brownies I used this recipe – I only wish I got to taste them!

I used Edd Kimbers recipe, but for the caramel I used Nigella’s method. These kinda went everywhere but tasted damn good! To make again, I would probably use this recipe!

So… I’m all brownie-d out!


Macaron Madness

1 Oct

In case you’ve been on another planet for the past few months, a new craze has taken the dessert world by storm! The new pastry du jour is none other than the humble French macaron, made famous by such big names as Pierre Herme, Laduree and have even been brought over the channel to the UK by chefs such as Edd Kimber.

My choco-caramel macarons!

The macaron, although unassuming is a daunting challenge! A mix of meringue and almonds make this dessert one tricky little sandwich!

I used a Pierre Herme recipe to make a box of macarons for my friend’s engagement party this weekend, and I can tell you now, they were difficult to make, the steps and timing are all precise, but I got there in the end!

Caramel chocolate macarons with a choc-caramel ganache and crushed salted chocolate

The inside view

Enjoying our macarons after all the hard work!

Get your hands on one whilst you can!


If you want to order these beauties please let me know by emailing me: headcakesnob@gmail.com