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19 Apr

It’s charity bake sale day in the Spreading Jam offices, for a great cause. One of the team is running the London marathon and is running short of her target so we’ve clubbed together to have a bake sale in order to get her to her goal.

There is also a competition running, for someone to be crowned the #MasterBaker after the goodies have been judged.

I’ve offered up some pink velvet cupcakes with marscapone topping:

With a selection of gorgeous cakes like these, anyone could win!

Passover Smores

10 Apr

I got this idea from Pinterest (which is my new fave site!) Passover is the Jewish holiday which celebrates the Jews leaving Egypt and slavery behind. This is the festival where matzah (a type of flat cracker/bread is consumed) and nothing leavened can be consumed as when fleeing, the Jews didn’t have time to allow their bread to rise, and so it baked on their backs as they left Egypt. I don’t know about you, but I would have definitely prepared some bagels and cakes in advance!

So, back to smores! Traditionally an american food, I was looking for a quick and easy snack. For those of you that know me, this usually means something sweet!

You’ll need 3 ingredients:

– Matzah (of course)

– Chocolate of your choice (I went with white choc)

– Marshamallows

Place the chocolate on top of the matzah and then place marshmallow on top of the chocolate. Bake in the over at 180 for about 3 mins.

Make sure the chocolate and marshmallow is melted before you take a big, gooey bite!

WARNING: One is definitely NOT enough! I’ve definitely found my new favourite Passover snack!

Enjoy 🙂

*Above picture is not me. I am female. This is my brother, Edd!