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Oreo Surprise Cupcakes

30 Nov

I think I’ve discovered the BEST buttercream/frosting combination. Oh yes. Marscapone cream cheese buttercream with Oreo cookies crushed on top.

Oreo Cupcakes

Oreo Cupcakes

I couldn’t stop licking the bowl after I dished up this buttercream onto surprise birthday cupcakes! What was the surprise? All the cupcakes had something hidden in them, either a whole Oreo, some Vice Versas (remember them?!) or a square of chocolate.

Do you think the birthday boy enjoyed them?

Birthday Cupcakes

They were also surprise cupcakes because they were for a suprise party. Do you think the birthday boy enjoyed them? 
I think so...!

I think so…!

The cupcakes were enjoyed by all, and I even have a few leftover to sneak to some friends!



038Happy Friday Cake Snobs!

Healthy Pumpkin Pie

27 Nov

Happy Tuesday Cake Snobs! If, like me, you have a genuine Tuesday face, (sad and droopy) this post should cheer you up! Continuing on my healthy eating theme (I’ve now lost a stone and a half in 12 weeks) and feeling a bit american, this weekend I made the classic american dessert Pumpkin Pie. With pumpkin (obviously) being the main ingredient, I turned this usually calorific pie into a low fat delight!

Pumpkin Pie

I made this pie by mixing together a mish mash of different ingredients and hoping it would work! With one can of Libby’s pure pumpkin (I found this in a lovely grocery store in High Street Kensington) I added a tsp of cinnamon, half a tsp of ginger, half a cup of milk, a packet of Quaker quick oats (27g) as well as splenda and calorie free caramel sauce to taste. Then I mixed vigorously and put in a tinfoil pie dish.

I baked it at 180OC for 45 mins, then left to set overnight (a few hours in the fridge should usually do it) and sliced it up the next day. You can have this hot or cold, but i think I like it best served hot with a dollop of yoghurt. Don’t worry, it wont last very long, but with hardly any calories, its guilt free!

So you wont mind if I have the last slice?